Knockdown & Rebuild

If you love where you live but want the freedom to design and rebuild a beautiful new home, a knockdown and rebuild option could be for you.

Start fresh and design and build a home that matches your current lifestyle, all whilst keeping your address, staying close to friends, neighbours and schools. Get in touch with us to book a site visit to see what can be achieved.


Why Knockdown and Rebuild Your Home?

If you’re thinking of making major structural changes to your home, like changing the entire interior of your home, adding a second-storey or a major extension, then a Knock Down Rebuild is definitely worth considering.


Many older homes were built in the middle of their blocks with the same sized yards at the front and the back. This just doesn’t suit modern living, where the rear of the home has become the most used place for family interaction and indoor/outdoor living.

Ideally, many of us would like a pool, a deck, BBQ area and patch of grass for the kids to play, maybe a cubby. Those things are more important than having a large front garden – The benefit of a rebuild is the ability to start from scratch and make the block work for you and your lifestyle.

Building regulations encompass things like energy star ratings, solar aspects, and the like – all of these contribute to a more comfortable home, one that is cheaper to heat and cool and, of course, more energy efficient.

A new home also has more flexibility in design. In a newly designed home, you can place windows to suit the orientation of the site and make the most of the sunshine and breezes. Put bathrooms and other wet areas in the most convenient places and create a kitchen and dining area that everyone will want to gather in.

Do you think you could make better use of the block where your home currently is?

Contact us today to discuss your vision.

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