Renovations and Extensions

Renovations and Extensions are a challenge, one that we love to take on. We can help with creating more space in your existing home. Improve functionality and layout issues. Update your tired looking home and bring new life into it, through a carefully thought-out renovation and or extension.

Layout issues are something we see often, and moving rooms around to create the most aesthetically pleasing and functional home is something that we can work on with you. The best advice we can give is to work really hard on your floorplan, a clever floorplan has the ability to change your life. Redesigning a floorplan can make the biggest difference to the way your home functions, looks and feels. We’ve found through our experience, the best ideas will be based on a mix of inspiration, practicality and working with the space you have, to achieve what you want.


If you’re undertaking a significant reno on a home you plan to live in for a long time, creating a floorplan that will also work in the years to come is something to consider. This might mean an extension to your existing home to make room for your existing family, a growing family, a loved one moving in or room for the occasional guests and even entertaining.


Most older houses were built with lots of separate rooms. That type of segmented living just isn’t suitable for most families these days, people want to feel connected to their family and friends. We can guide you in determining what the best options are for your home.

The process needed for renovations & extensions is quite different from building a new home. Surfside Homes can manage the process right from the design phase, through to construction and completion.

Managing the budget constraints can be tricky in the renovation game so we can help guide you to the right outcome from the start. We take on the large renovations and extensions.

If you have a smaller project in mind, we can get you in touch with some awesome specialist trades that can assist you.

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